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Specializing in:

  • Weight Management
  • Low Back Pain, Low Bone Density, and Other Orthopedic Concerns
  • High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Chronic Conditions

Specializing in Home-Based Personal Training Services for Central New Jersey.
Services to Remote Locations via Telephone, Fax and/or E-Mail.

Have you:

felt a need to start a fitness program, but not known where to begin...or how to do it safely?

committed yourself to an exercise plan, then had trouble sticking with it?

worked out hard day after day, but failed to get the results you wanted? Or...

simply denied yourself the technical and motivational edge that a personal trainer can provide?

You Can Break Through Those Barriers!

Devoting time to a fitness program and getting the desired results can be a big challenge. Work pressures, family responsibilities, holiday festivities, unexpected obligations, or simply an inappropriate exercise routine — these are but a few of the things that can derail even the best of intentions.

Working with Professional Health & Fitness Consulting, you’ll learn evidence-based training techniques and receive expert guidance to help you shift from “quick fixes” (and all-too-frequent quick failures) to productive exercise routines that are supportive of permanent changes in your body. We pride ourselves on first listening to your concerns, then responding with answers that address your needs while remaining sensitive to your likes and dislikes and the limitations of your busy schedule.

We can help you:

select home exercise equipment that will serve you well and meet your financial constraints

undertake a safe and effective exercise program following physical therapy, orthopedic, or chiropractic care (we specialize in the latest, most effective exercises for low back pain)

evaluate and address your specific fitness needs if you have a chronic health condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol,  low bone density, arthritis, or Multiple Sclerosis

lose weight safely...and permanently through proper exercise and diet

improve your strength and balance, especially if you are an older adult

shape and tone your body or build muscular strength and size

assess your current body composition (bodyfat) and/or resting metabolic rate

analyze your diet via the computer

condition your heart and lungs, build endurance, and increase flexibility

gain weight (if you just can’t seem to add any well-placed pounds)

Gift certificates are available for sharing the “gift of health” with others. Telephone and E-mail consultations can also be arranged.  Get in touch now for more information or to arrange your free initial consultation!